A Juice Cleanse Can Help With Weight Loss

Juice cleanses are awesome to set the tone for losing weight, increasing energy, and removing harmful toxins from your inner environment. Even still, here at DetoxCleansingDiet.org we aren’t interested in finding the, “best juice cleanse recipes” available on the market today.

The reason is because we use the terms “fast,” and “cleanse” to mean things most people don’t identify with. A fast, at least the way we choose to see it as, means not eating any solids throughout the entire fasting process. In some religions, fasting is done throughout the day, and eating is allowed at sunset. In our version – there is no eating allowed at all. Of course, you can choose to do whatever you want, but if it involves eating, then we do not acknowledge that as fasting.

A cleanse, however, allows you to consume any, and all, green water-based foods. You can drink juices and teas, like with a fast, but you can also drink smoothies, and eat salads; albeit without creamy dressing or non-foods, like croutons.

With a smoothie, which is made in a blender, you are consuming a whole food; because the fiber, and other vital nutrients, have not been removed. This “fiber removal” occurs when fruits and vegetables are ran through a juicer. You do get vitamins and nutrients with a juice diet, but you also lose out on a ton of other benefits as well.

Juice Smoothie Cleanse Recipes

One part of my philosophy on nutrition, and all health related factors, is that if you cannot find it in nature, it’s probably not a good idea to do it for too long. Juicing, and even a smoothie, is not found anywhere in nature – this is why we choose to do them for short periods of time to allow our organs to rest, while also eliminating as many toxins from our system as possible.

smooties are the best juice cleanses
Juice Cleanses Detoxify Your System

Because smoothies sustain our health in ways juicing cannot, it makes cleansing for longer periods of time possible. When you also add in the consumption of whole foods in their original form, with salads, you help to foster a clean environment, while maintaining satiation. Being hungry is never fun, and detox juices just never seem to leave one feeling satisfied.

So what most people would call a 2 day apple juice cleanse, or a 3 day vegetable juice cleanse, is what we call a juice fast detox. What some call a “cleanse juice,” for us is a smoothie, which is really not a juice at all; as we have already covered.

I’m sure this all seems like meaningless semantics, but we feel our readers should have a clear-cut understanding of what we mean when we use these terms. We felt it could hurt our viewership if we allowed people to read our material with a general understanding that did not reflect what we believe in.

With a detox fast, you are allowing your organs to relax for a few days. With a cleanse, you can allow those organs to coast for a few weeks, because your digestive system can easily handle water-based foods. Once you introduce regular meals back into your diet, these organs are back to working at full capacity again.

It’s always a good idea to detox fast, or detox cleanse, at least once a year. You will find that when you detox more often, you enhance your ability to taste the ingredients in your food. If you suffer from allergies, you may even experience them clearing up.

With a toxic environment like we live in today, especially those of use that live in big cities, it’s imperative we make sure to eliminate those toxins from our system as often as possible. The body does this through the major elimination channels; but unless that system is running at full capacity, toxins can easily build up.

Juice Cleanse Video

With obesity rates climbing to dangerous levels, and more than 70% of Americans already overweight, can you guess the percentage of people that have their elimination channels working at full capacity? You probably have no idea, and neither do we, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that at least 70% of people do NOT have an optimized elimination system.

If that system is not working as well as it could be working, then by default toxins are building up. This is why disease is spreading like wildfire in our culture today. We have been taught to believe that our health can be found in pills, shakes, and exercise equipment. Once you start understanding that all health begins within, only then can you start to experience incredible results with your own health.

One of the best ways to boost metabolism is to allow the liver to work the way it was designed to work. When you detox, you give the liver what it needs to start producing at a high level again. At this high level of production, the liver aids in increasing your metabolism.

Increased metabolism means being able to burn more fat; and more fat burning equals more weight loss. Once again, all this “labeling,” may seem trite, but when you consider the current levels of health we see in America today, I think it’s fine to try to get people seeing things from a new perspective.

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Until next, remember to take care of yourself – Nicolas