Does The Best Natural Liver Detox Diet Cleanse Exist?

One of the arguments you will hear from medical doctors when it comes to a liver detox, or any other detox, for that matter, is that the body naturally detoxes itself; so there’s no reason for you to detox it using products by hucksters.

liver detox for your body
Detoxifying The Liver For Health

I’ll be the first to admit there are just way too many marketers out here hustling people out of their hard-earned money with products that have no shot of working at all. But just as bad is the idea that you do not have to aid the body in it’s quest to maintain a natural, healthy inner environment for all your organs to work effectively within.

Maybe this was not needed back in the 19th century, or even the beginning of the 20th century, but folks – you have to understand that the world we live in today, does not, in any way, resemble the world our grandparents came from. Fruit you eat today, has a fraction the nutritional benefit that same fruit was able to provide – just fifty years ago!

If that wasn’t bad enough, in addition to providing less nutritional value, you also have to deal with this fruit being bombed with pesticides – pesticides that weren’t around just fifty years ago. So your poor organs, especially the liver, has to try to break down this food, so it can extract nutrients to help create all the wonder drugs your body needs to function properly, and the nutrients simply aren’t there anymore.

How To Detox Your Liver

With the liver, realize that one of the liver’s roles is to turn fat soluble toxins into water soluble substances, which are then excreted in the urine or bile. When you understand that the liver is there to break down all the toxicity we pound down our system, and turn it into something less harmful our body can deal with – you start getting a sense of how important it really is.

Until that understanding takes place, you have people absolutely abusing themselves, with no concept of the damage they are inflicting on their inner environment. Of course, they don’t see the ramification of that damage until months, or perhaps years later – but it is there, and the damage is accumulating.

When doctors say the body is built to be able to take of itself – they are absolutely correct. However, the body was meant to do that in a world that no longer exists. If you are not looking for natural ways to detox the liver, kidney, colon, and digestive system at least once a year – you are putting yourself in position to pay the piper later on down the road.

You can pay now or you can pay later, but best believe you are going to be paying at some point in time. If you allow your liver to overload, due to poor maintenance habits, then you don’t pay with money – you pay with disease; and possibly death.

I’ve never considered myself an expert, I’m a health enthusiast. I enjoy studying health, and learning what makes us tick; and how we can use that knowledge to get better. And I’m here telling you. The more I study, and the more I learn about the liver, and it’s importance to the body, the more I find myself telling my clients about ways to continually cleanse their system.

See, I’m not one of these guys that loves to pitch crappy products to make a buck. Sometimes I wish I could be that way, I’d be making a helluva lot more money than I am now, but I have a conscious; and I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror if I did do that. I say this because it would be easy for me to now pitch you on a particular liver detox product right now, and get paid when you buy it.

I believe a detox product is an added benefit once you lay down the detoxification foundation first, which always begins with a great diet. What you put into your system is going to either have an adverse, or positive, effect on you once you introduce a detox product into the mix. Once you are consuming quality foods, then a product, like a supplement or detox kit, is an ADDED benefit.

Liver Detox Video

So if you are looking to detox the liver, you can do so with a cleanse, or fast. A fast is made up of natural juices, or clean water. If you’re going to go the fast route, I suggest you look into these three specific drinks:

  1. Water with lemon in it – lemons with sea salt in filtered water provide the body with fantastic electrolytes to help naturally flush your system.
  2. Milk Thistle Tea – this healing herb helps rebuild liver cells, and gets the liver working the way it’s supposed to work. In addition, it helps protect the liver against damaging chemicals, which we bring into our bodies on a regular basis.
  3. Beet Juice – beets contains an amino acid called Betaine; which helps reduce toxins, promotes the production of bile, and protects the liver from the ravages of alcohol on the body.

These are just a few of the many juices available to help cleanse the liver. When you begin down the path of health, you begin to realize that the more you think you know, the ore you start understanding that you actually don’t know anything.

This is why it’s so important to get the information from credible sources, and test that information on yourself to determine just how valuable it really is. I’ve always said, and my clients can attest to this, that everyone be a student, and not just a follower. As a student, you are acknowledging that you are always learning and looking for ways to get better. Being a follower is a part of the learning process as well, but the key is to not just to follow blindly. There are some people I followed for many years that I no longer listen to at all. These people help you in your journey, and like a chapter in a book, once it’s done – it’s time to move on to something else.

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Until next time, take good care of yourself, you’re really the only one who can – Nicolas