Use Detox Diets To Lose Weight Fast – How’s That Working For You So Far?

The primary reason for this site is to stress the idea of using a detox diet as a core component of how you eat on a regular basis. The vast majority of sites today see detoxification as something unto itself. This is why they give you information like the “5 steps to an easy detox,” “7 day detox menu plan to lose weight,” or something like the “lemon detox diet program for fast results.”

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Detox Diets Help Clean Your System

There are several issues that can arise with this kind of information I’ve witnessed over the years observing friends and family. The first is the easiest one to notice. Someone gets on a detox to jump start the fat burning process promised using one of these methods, and they actually end up dropping around 10 pounds once the program comes to an end.

They’re excited, and they feel great. What they don’t do, and even though this is usually covered in the program itself, is to come off the detox with water-based foods. Once a few days have passed, it’s at that point where you can start to eat regular food.

What happens most of the time? The person is happy to be able to eat again, they go out and buy fast food, or eat food in large quantities. Within a few days, they notice the ten lbs. is now down to five lbs. and even if they level off their extreme eating habits, they find that they still continue to slowly add those five pounds back on again.

It’s no surprise to most of you. The layman calls it “water weight,” and this is made up of bodily fluids, waste found within your digestive system, and glycogen; which is what you store away as back up fuel. The only problem is that this glycogen can only be stored away with water. On a detox, all that stuff gets flushed away, and, “voila!” Weight loss in a week you believe is the same as fat loss – they’re not.

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Two things to remember when you’re on one of these programs:
1) Many programs talk about easing off the detox almost out of obligation. They do it just enough to cover themselves in case of any blowback – but the detox itself gets most of the attention. Remember to ease off with soups, salads, and fruits and vegetables before returning to a normal diet.
2) The “normal” diet should not consist of fast foods and bad eating practices. If it does, it doesn’t matter how many detox programs you’re on – you will always go right back to your set point. Remember, a detox helps to reset that point, and gets you prepared to start a fat burn program – the detox is not “the” fat burn program.

Another issue that arises is the belief that the program itself is responsible for your results. For example, someone uses a particular program, and sheds a few pounds. The amount of weight they lose is nowhere close to the amount they were initially after, and when asked about their progress, they respond with, “I was on this diet for a week and only dropped two pounds. That crap doesn’t work.”

I cannot tell you how often I heard something similar to that; and it’s a based on this idea that something external is going to give you the results you want. I hate to break it to you – but the only way to get anything you want out of life, is to get up off your butt, and go get it yourself.

A detox is nothing more than a body reboot, like rebooting your PC, laptop, or video game when it freezes. It gets your body prepared to be able to provide you with the results you’re really after. It’s not designed to help you with fat loss. Even worse, if you try to use it as a fat loss program, especially the way it’s taught by most marketers online, you can also cut into your muscle; and lose everything in the process.

You burn fat and muscle, and by the time you’re done you look like a sickened-version of the person you once were. Sure you lost weight, but now you look like a drug addict. If that’s fine with you, go on right ahead. It’s what rapper 50 Cent did to prepare himself for a role he played as a dying football player diagnosed with cancer. If you go see those pictures of him online, you know that was not a “good look.”

The approach we promote here on, is to add a detox component to your everyday diet; and all that means is making sure you are eating more water-based foods, and less non-foods. It’s not that you can’t eat a steak when you want. Sure you can. Just make sure that steak is accompanied with a great big salad.

When we say “non-foods,” we mean making sure that big salad you have next your steak, doesn’t have croutons in it. Why? Because a crouton is like a cracker – it’s a non-food. “Are you saying I can’t have crackers anymore?”

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See, this is the issue why most people cannot lose any weight, and the vast majority of Americans are fat. And this is also where marketers swoop in to get you to separate yourself from your hard-earned cash by selling you program that stress, “quick,” “easy”, and “painless.”

There is no such thing as a “free lunch.” In fact, when I was growing up, we actually had free lunches at the school I went to during the summer; but they weren’t really “free.” This came out of the budget, which is based off the taxes they levy of the American people. In other words – someone had to pay.

Everything in life has a price. You can choose to pay or not pay. If you don’t pay, you don’t get the prize. This is where you have to weigh the prize against the price, and determine what is really important to you. Our site is designed to show you how to detox your body, as a precursor to a weight loss program.

But if fat loss is where your head is at, you must understand that you will need to give some things up to be able to shed that weight. If not, you will continue to be bamboozled by gimmicky courses, products, and gurus that make outrageous claims, feeding your “shortcut” addiction.

There’s a process to steady, and consistent, weight loss. We suggest beginning with a detox, and we suggest learning detox fundamentals so you don’t waste time on mistakes – mistakes we have made over and over again. These fundamentals are proven to work again and again. To get access to our free email min-course titled, “The 7 Principles Of A Detox Cleansing Diet,” where we outline these fundamentals, just fill in the form below.

Until next time, take good care of yourself, you’re the only who can – Nicolas