Use A Liver Cleanse Diet For A Clean Environment

With all the crap we throw into our system on a regular basis, it only makes sense to try and give it a break every now and then. Think about your own life. Don’t you need a vacation every now and again? There’s a reason why a large amount of jobs allow two week vacations for their employees. They know that time away from work will energize them, and prepare them for another run of solid production.

Liver Cleanse To Detox Your Body
Cleanse Your Liver For Health

Well, the same holds true for your organs. In order for those work horses to keep pounding away, doming what they do best, it’s in your own best interest to give them the best chance to rest and re-energize occasionally.

Think about this, although many of us know the liver helps to detoxify the body, what I find when I talk to people is that they have no concept about the other part the liver plays in providing us with health. The liver is your “inner pharmacist.” It helps to create vitamins, glucose, lipids, hormones, bilirubin and even more “drugs” we need to function properly.

Now there are liver cleanse kits available, that are made up of specific ingredients, you must take in a certain order, that can help you to cleanse your liver in a big way – but this is what’s known as “optimization.”

My brother is a whiz at getting our posts to show up in the search engines, and he calls that process “search engine optimization.” What he does is set up the articles I write, in a certain way so that the search engines pick them up faster, index them faster, and rank them faster as well. If I just posted the article on this site the way I wrote it, in time it would be indexed, and maybe even rank – but the moon and stars have to line up perfectly for that to happen with every article I post.

Natural Liver Cleanse Diet

With his help, I’m able to speed up the process, and get more people to read these articles. See, that first action of just posting the article is like what I suggest all my clients do first; and that’s eat a whole food diet made up water-based foods that will gently aid the organs during digestion. Sure it’s capable of getting the job done, but when you want to make sure it’s really done – you optimize the process.

This optimization process is a cleanse. Some call it a “flush,” but I don’t like that term for what a cleanse entails. I see a “fast” as more of a flush; because with a fast all you’re doing is either drinking water or juices – that’s it. With a cleanse, you add smoothies and water-based foods to the mix as well.

So let’s cover a few of the foods that should be in your diet during a liver cleanse. The first up is grapefruit. That bitter taste you get when you bite into one of these bad boys comes from a flavonoid that helps to stimulate the live, and get it working at a high level again. That same flavonoid also helps the liver improve insulin levels, and metabolize fat more efficiently.

The second food you want on your roster is beets, and I’ll be the first to admit I am not a beet person. I do not like the way they taste by themselves, but something happens when you add them in with other greens. They improve the taste of your salad tremendously. Beets not only help cleanse the liver, but the colon as well. In addition it helps to purify your blood – definitely a must-have in your roster.

Liver Cleanse Video

The third food is made up of “foods.” These are the “bitter greens.” Greens like escarole, arugula, and mustard greens to name a few. They don’t taste that great on their own, but again, like beets, when you add them into your mix, they help spice up the taste of your salad; and the health benefits they provide are off the charts.

The last two foods are granny smith apples and lemons. Remember, apples are a part of the “dirty dozen” – twelve foods that you should only buy organic, or at a minimum – locally grown. If you are going to buy these apples directly from a supermarket, make sure to peel the apple before eating it; but this defeats the purpose of eating it in the first place. The apple peel has cancer fighting properties within it, and the fiber helps reduce cholesterol levels – which contributes to the formation of gallstones. The reason why you want lemons is because they help regulate bile, which is what your liver produces to help in the breakdown of everything we consume.

When you consume these foods on a regular basis, you help cleanse the liver – I call this a detox diet. However, when you consume these same foods while on an actual cleanse, where you make sure to only drink juices, smoothies, and water – no solid food; then you increase their effectiveness by a multiple. When you add all that, AND a liver cleanse kit as well – you have now optimized your liver with a serious cleansing.

To find out more about detox fundamentals, you can submit your name and email into the form blow, and we will give you access to our free, email mini-course that outlines seven core fundamentals every detox should have. In this course, we go more in-depth into the liver, and ways to make sure you detox it properly. I trust this information was valuable; and until next time, take care of yourself – Nicolas